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Warning: This Bladder Infection Treatment Could Leave You Disabled

Avoiding this dangerous Bladder Infection Treatment might be harder than you think, since doctors prescribe it regularly despite, for many reasons, it being one of the least effective choices, as well as one of the most dangerous choices. Don’t be caught without knowing what NOT to take for a urinary tract infection.

Cipro and Levaquin are in a class of antibiotics known as the Fluoroquinolones, one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics in the US, if not the world. They are widely used for problems such as Traveler’s Diarrhea, Chronic Sinus Infections, or more serious infections such as pneumonia. They are also prescribed frequently for urinary tract infections, which are also known as bladder infections, or UTI’s. But should they be prescribed for these infections at all? They could be the most dangerous bladder infection treatment, one that you should avoid, if at all possible. If the disabling effects of these drugs are new to you, please read the Introduction to Fluoroquinolones to find out why these drugs are best avoided for a fluoroquinolone UTI treatment.

How the Best Antibiotic for UTI is Determined

Because urinary tract infections are painful, could progress to more serious kidney or blood infections, and because patients expect their doctor to give them antibiotics immediately for their painful condition, most doctors immediately prescribe an antibiotic for a UTI. Some doctors get a urine sample at the appointment in order to determine what bacteria is causing the infection.

Bladder Infection Treatment
A Culture and Sensitivity

This is an everyday laboratory procedure called a ‘culture and sensitivity’, where a few drops of the urine is placed on a petri dish to grow. Later, they test the sample against different antibiotics to see what the best antibiotic for UTI is, since it’s different for each person and for each different infection.

In an ideal world, this procedure could be done quickly, and doctors could find the best antibiotic for the patient’s infection while they are in the office.

Are Antibiotics Even Necessary?

Unfortunately, it takes 2 to 4 days to grow the bacteria and test which antibiotic is the best bladder infection treatment, so most often doctors ‘presume’ there is an infection and just give whatever antibiotic they think will work and hope it was the right one to kill the infection.

Because of this, many times there is no infection at all, and the antibiotic was completely unnecessarily. In fact, at least One Half of All Antibiotics are Prescribed Unnecessarily; and in nursing homes and with the elderly  in particular, up to 75% of antibiotics given are prescribed inappropriately, particularly in the case of UTI’s 1.

Your bladder infection treatment could be deadly

Fluoroquinolones for UTI are not the
Best bladder infection treatment

Despite Fluoroquinolone for UTIbeing prescribed regularly for bladder infection treatment, these drugs are not even the best antibiotic for a UTI even when there is a documented urinary tract infection. They may even be some of the WORST drugs for a bladder infection treatment, according to a study whose findings showed that the bacteria in these infections are ‘resistant’ to the Fluoroquinolone drugs between 63-91% of the time. Contrast this with a class of drugs called the Carbapenems where only 3 to 9% of bacteria were resistant to the most common bacteria found in urinary tract infections.

That means that at least 2 out of every 3 people with actual confirmed bacterial urinary tract infections are inappropriately prescribed Fluoroquinolones when a culture and sensitivity is not done first. This prompted the study author to state:

Fluoroquinolones (FQ) are broad spectrum antimicrobial agents
used widely, irrationally and indiscriminately practiced by clinicians
and general practitioners for many bacterial infections. 2

Remember, that 2 of 3 people inappropriately given Fluoroquinolones for a bacterial infection that Fluoroquinolones will not work for do not even include the up to 75% of people given antibiotics unnecessarily in the first place!  That is a lot of inappropriate Fluoroquinolone usage.

The Fluoroquinolones are Probably
The Most Dangerous Bladder Infection Treatment

Not only are the Fluoroquinolones for UTI probably the worst bladder infection treatment to give without first doing a culture and sensitivity, but they give those taking them some of the worst risks of developing serious disability. Imagine if you were told you were getting the best antibiotic for a UTI, became seriously disabled from taking it, then finding out that the doctor prescribed it incorrectly, and you should have received a different antibiotic, or none at all.

That is the situation that many people have found themselves in after taking the Fluoroquinolone antibiotics. These antibiotics are notorious for causing severe disabling conditions such as:

Seriously, if you are looking for the right Bladder Infection Treatment for you, unless you have chronic infections where you have had cultures and sensitivities and KNOW that Cipro or Levaquin is the only antibiotic that you can take, then know your options by reading the studies mentioned about. Then ask your doctor for a more effective and safer drug for your urinary tract infection. Even better, read the article A Urinary Tract Infection Cure You Can Count On to find out about a safe and effective natural way to prevent and even treat urinary tract infections without antibiotics.




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