1992 FDA Press Release on the Recall of Omniflox, also called Temafloxacin

FDA 1992 Recall of Omniflox Temafloxacin
FDA 1992 Press Release of the Recall of Onmiflox (Temafloxacin)

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Then you can read the study that helped them decide to pull the drug from the market. The study, entitled Temafloxacin Syndrome, Review of 95 Cases discusses the problems associated with Temafloxacin that caused it to be removed from the market only 4 months after it’s approval by the FDA. Now, think about this critically, if drugs are tested thoroughly before FDA approval, how is it possible that Fluoroquinolone Post Marketing Information on these drugs picked up so many injuries and deaths within just a few months of the product’s approval and subsequent use on the market?

How the Recall of Omniflox Could Have Been Prevented

That’s because the FDA does not actually do any of it’s own studies, but merely approves drugs based on studies provided by the company that is requesting FDA approval. This process has led to a number of drugs being removed from the market based on faulty or even fraudulent data provided by drug companies to the FDA. This process led one university study to conclude that the FDA is Fundamentally Corrupt and is working for drug companies,  not the people, which leads to “…approving drugs that are mostly little better than existing medications, failing to ensure sufficient testing for serious risks, and inadequately guarding the public from harmful side effects.”

The recall of Omniflox is one example of this inadequate protection of the public, with at least 114 cases of deadly conditions such as hemolytic anemia, liver failure, and kidney failure developing within that 4 month period, it’s obvious that more and longer studies of this drug would have been likely to have shown these problems existed before exposing millions of people to a dangerous drug.

Incidentally, 10 of the 119 people studied actually got these life-threatening symptoms after only a single dose. This is consistent with reports on the internet of people also experiencing serious symptoms from the other Fluoroquinolone antibiotics after as little as one dose.